Her Journey


My name is Janiene, and I suffered from chronic pain daily throughout my body. I also experienced fatigue, weakness in my limbs after activity, vision loss, body temperature changes, insomnia, and loss of balance, just to name a few. Since early Spring of 2020, I've seen 17 doctors in search of a diagnosis and/or treatment. Throughout this journey, I’ve changed doctors several times for different reasons. Either the doctor left the practice or the office stopped taking my insurance. I was being ignored and dismissed by the doctor, or referred to another provider because there were no answers. 


Although this was a stressful time for me, I began to hold on tight to God’s word. He sent me to Exodus 14:14 (NLT) which says, “The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.” I wrote this scripture down but didn’t meditate on it. Then, I experienced an emotional pain that would later give me passion and a purpose. It would also change the way that I view healthcare systems.


I traveled to Baltimore, Maryland in 2021 to see a Neurologist, whom I waited several months to see. My Rheumatologist, who was also located in Baltimore, Maryland at the time, had referred me to this doctor for a small nerve biopsy. After having this procedure, I went for a follow-up appointment to get my test results. On this 2nd visit, I was told that I do not have small nerve neuropathy and asked if I had ever seen a mental health therapist. I was told that what I was experiencing was psychological. Mthoughts began to race. "Why can’t this doctor see what I am going through? Why can't he hear me? Chronic pain has changed my life. This doctor only met me twice and decided to tell me that my pain was not real. Is it real?"


After this experience, I felt angry and emotionally drained. I lost more trust in the healthcare system and I no longer wanted to see doctors. As I meditated on God’s word and spent time in prayer, he gave me strength and healed me from the emotional pain I had endured. Although the physical was still there, my mindset had changed.  I started to focus on what I could do and what I did have, not what I couldn’t do and what I didn’t have. I continue to meditate on this scripture before I step foot in a doctor's office. My faith helped me to move forward. 


This journey has led me to adjust my lifestyle. I changed my focus, how I spent my time, and my diet. I searched for pain relief products that didn’t consist of a pill. I use natural body products and cleaning supplies. After spending lots of money on pain relief products, I then decided to make my own natural body butter with only six organic ingredients, and CBD for pain relief. This product (Calming Butter) has helped me greatly and will help you too. I am blessed to share it with you. Enjoy!


Inequity in healthcare is unjust, and changes need to be made. This is why I'm looking to educate our community on this topic that's extremely prevalent in our society. Visit our Inequity pamphlet for tips on advocating for yourself, preparing for doctor’s appointments, and what to look for when searching for a new doctor.



The journey continues….