Turn Your Pain Into Power

Purpose in Pain's primary focus is to create a healthier community and eliminate health inequity, leading to better health outcomes for people of color. Too often people of color go to their doctor and leave without receiving adequate health care due to racism, implicit biases, and other reasons. Change for me starts with educating and training medical students, staff, and providers on diversity, equity, and inclusion regularly, identifying their biases, and being willing to change their mindset.  Change starts with providers listening to their patients.  Change begins when providers and policymakers decide to implement new policies and procedures that will ensure people of color receive the same care as their counterparts.  As a community, we need to be aware of these issues and refuse to accept them.


Do you or someone you know feel rushed, intimidated, ignored, or dismissed while visiting your doctor?  Does your doctor listen to what you have to say?  Do you have a partnership with your doctor? It's your body and you know it best. You have a say in your healthcare. Advocate for yourself and someone else.  Let your voice be heard! 



Let's be the change we need to see!


Purpose in Pain LLC