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Mary Vazquez
2 months ago

I have had a right knee and ankle replacement. The latter one was six months ago. I have been using different types of healing ointments that didn't help. On April 18, 2024, I met Mrs. Janiene Campbell, and she shared her story and why she created her cream. At first, I was skeptical, but I bought Lavender and Eucalyptus butter and started using it on my knee and ankle daily because it relieved my chronic pain. I have been able to sleep. I recommend these products they are amazing. Thank you for creating them. I bought another team!

Karen Samuels
2 months ago

I suffer from arthritis and l tried this product at an expo in Wilmington and within minutes l could feel a difference and after an hour l had no more pain in my knee. It lasted for hours. This is a must try.

3 months ago

Met lovely Janine at Newark Co op and she gave me a sample. Good stuff arthritis pain in both hips and the cream works! I ordered two ounces and it came within a week. Blessings on you!

Virginia Wright
7 months ago

Seen this lovely lady at Farmers market in New Castle Delaware. Told her about my pain in my wrist and shoulder and she gave me a sample the pain decreased right away. I think I finally found something to relive my pain. 🥰

Joyce Bostic
8 months ago

Let me start by saying I have been a chronic pain sufferer for over 20 years. I happened upon this amazing cream where I get medical massages. It was a sample that I used sparingly because I couldn't believe the relief I was getting. I reached out to beautiful Janiene and I'm so happy I did she's one of the kindest people I have met. Everyone that suffers with pain should have a Janiene in their life.

Pennie Brzozowski
8 months ago

I was in severe pain today with kidney stones, which I've gotten for the last 30 years. and by chance (God's plan) I ran into Janiene.
I applied it and within minutes, my pain decreased!!
I immediately text her and bought the 4 ounce jar of this amazing salve! It saved me from another ER trip! Not only is the product wonderful, but Janiene is truly a gracious, kind, and amazing lady!
I will definitely refer and continue to use!
Thank you Janiene and God!

a year ago

My favorite is vanilla cinnamon I LOVE IT!!

Christina mclean
a year ago

To those who are hesitate about the product, dont be. The butters absorb into your skin without leaving a greasy residue. I tried tea tree, and lavender but my favorite is cinnamon because of the vanilla. I love vanilla.
The container is cute, butters were filled to top and Janienes customer service is astounding. Her sweet smile translates into the butters she makes. You re going to love it! Trust me.

a year ago

After a long day of working; I enjoy using this product because it has all the right ingredients to soothe my aching feet. What a great moisturizing product!

Jahnaysia Hampton
a year ago

Love this product! All scents smell amazing and not only help me with joint pain, but with moisturizing my skin as well.

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